You Must be Brave

If you are going to see this movie.

I have been anxious to see Brave since seeing the first preview almost a year ago.  So has Caitlyn.  When I received the invite to a screening it was for a day when Caity was going camping with her dad so I had to go without her.  I grabbed my trusty friend Sheila and we headed out.

We were both very excited, a female-centric movie is rare, especially where the female is supposedly strong and intelligent.  There has been some kerfuffles on the internet regarding Disney’s portrayal of boys in the ads being sexist.  Why do we have to dumb one side down to make the other look more intelligent?  Can’t we all just get along? (RIP Rodney)

After almost 45 minute delay because of technical difficulties on the part of AMC, we were finally ready to watch.

More than once both Sheila and I jumped in our seats and exclaimed when the BIG BLACK BEAR came into the shot.  I don’t know how Caitlyn would have reacted, she is a braver girl than I but I am kind of glad she wasn’t there.  Perhaps we will wait for the DVD to come out before seeing it again.

Other than the violence I enjoyed the rest of the film.  There was a good portrayal of the mother daughter interaction and the triplet boys were adorable.

If your child is less of a fraidy cat than me, you should be ok.  Know your child.

PS. Get there early for the amazing Pixar short La Luna and stay till the end of the credits for a cute little epilogue.

Three Diet Cokes

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