Not So Wordless Wednesday – Green, Except it’s Thursday

I am so far behind on everything. I keep saying I don’t have time, I don’t have time. SOmetimes it is an excuse because I sit in front of the TV some nights and just zone out. But sometimes I really just need that zoning out to realign my brain and my body.

I sit here at the rink at 4:00 AM waiting for a film crew to arrive. We are filming another music video today (Cage the Elephant), I’ve never heard of them so I really don’t care, it’s just another filming. I will leave here at 11:00 AM to head to job number two. The Internation Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) in Long Beach is in town and they specifically requested me to work via Trade Show Temps (TST). While I am flattered and humbled I am also going to be tired. And again I will have no time.

But you’re not here to listen to me bitch and moan. You are here to see my contribution to Wordless Wednesday (albeit a day late) with the theme of Green.

Here it is.

See the "green" apple in his bowl?

See the “green” apple in his bowl?

Not So Wordless Wednesday – Ornamental – Crap It’s Tuesday!

I have been too busy to participate in these Memes as much as I would like, but figured since I suggested the theme for this week it would look really bad if I didn’t post something. I went to a holiday party put on by Fresh and Easy last week, and while I wasn’t in a very festive mood (work is rough, home life is sad, blah blah blah) I tried to liven myself up. ornIt only worked for a little while and I ended up leaving the party giving the excuse that work needed me. A few days later I was headed to an eighteenth birthday party at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood.  Again trying to put myself in a party mood I put on my ornament “earrings” and headed in.  I had fun.  I let loose and (I think my first Diet Coke had something more than soda in it) had a good time, I think the earrings worked. At the end of the night, this fantabulous Drag Queen gushed over them and I took them right off and gave them to her. deragI am not Dumbo, I will not lose my power to have fun if I don’t have my magic earring. Trying to get myself in the spirit of Christmas. Trying to get myself unbogged down at work. Trying to get myself moved into a more welcoming environment.  Trying to……………………………………..

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Do You Send Holiday Cards?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LEGO for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t.  I usually don’t have much time, or much money, and I was never good about keeping an actual pen and paper address book.

Because of Social Media holiday cards could become a thing of “day’s gone by”.

LEGO has a new website where you can create your own LEGO Minifigure Family and decorate a card to either download, send via email or just share on Face Book, Pinterest or Twitter.

Matthew plays on the LEGO website as often as possible.  So I figured I could do this no problem.  Guess what?  I was right.  It was super simple and looks cute as can be.

First you select the figures and you can customize them with different facial expressions and clothing.  Then you pick the scene you want them set in, either holiday or tropical or ordinary.  Then you write your message.  This is not only good for the Holidays but for anytime.

Think about the birthday cards you can create, or Grandparent’s day cards!  This list is endless.

You could even just let the kids loose to create and use their imagination (imagine that using LEGO’s for imagination!) and surprise grandma with a cute card in her email!  As a grandma I can attest that she will love that!

Visit Sponsor's Site

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Are You Dreaming?

dreams cloudAs a child I used to have more than one dream a night.  Vivid, explicit dreams. People would come in and out of my dreams and sometimes morph in front of my eyes.  I never thought about what they might mean or that they were correalated to my real life.  I had one recurring dream that I can still remember as if it happened last night.  I would be at the Bookmobile (for those of you from Detroit it would always park on Springwells and Navy across from the Tastee Freeze) and suddenly a very large “monster” would be chasing me up Springwells.  I don’t think I ever actually “saw” the monster but I was aware that it was there.

As an adult, I have read a few dream books and realize that that recurring dream and others are somehow affiliated with what is happening in my concious world.  After I quit smoking (20 years ago!) I would often smoke in my dreams, and I would know I was dreaming so I would think that I could smoke the WHOLE pack and it would have no negative effect on me whatsoever!

Within the last decade my dreams have been mostly of me being “exposed”, I would be somewhere and realize I was either naked or pantless (my preferred state of being when concious at home alone mind you), but I would be either at work or school or an event.  Somewhere being pantsless is not acceptable.

The last few years have been dreamless.  Or I am sleeping so hard that I don’t realize or remember that I am dreaming.

Recently I was pitched a new app called Dreams Cloud.  DreamsCloud is a free app for your iPhone or Android phone.  Once you have a free account you can use it anytime. Wake up and want to record your dream before you forget it?  Remember something in the middle of the day?  You can assign different attributes to the dream like emotion, color or even numbers.  Once you log in a dream you can request a FREE preofessional analysis by a dream expert who will offer their observations within hours.  They will tell you what certain elements of the dream might mean and how they may apply to your concious life.

You can use DreamsCloud as a log of your dreams for you alone or share them with friends or even your therapist.

Do you have a recurring dream?  How about a favorite dream?  Enter it in to DreamsCloud and let me know what you find out.

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Disney’s The Pirate Fairy

This is seriously the Best of both worlds for my grandchildren.

From the world of “Peter Pan” comes “The Pirate Fairy,” a swashbuckling new adventure about Zarina (voice of Christina Hendricks), a smart and ambitious dust-keeper fairy who’s captivated by Blue Pixie Dust and its endless possibilities. When Zarina’s wild ideas get her into trouble, she flees Pixie Hollow and joins forces with the scheming pirates of Skull Rock, who make her captain of their ship. Tinker Bell (voice of Mae Whitman) and her friends must embark on an epic adventure to find Zarina, and together they go sword-to-sword with the band of pirates led by a cabin boy named James (voice of Tom Hiddleston), who’ll soon be known as Captain Hook himself. With laughter, heart, magic and thrills, “The Pirate Fairy” sets sail April 1, 2014. 



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Not So Wordless Wednesday – Cold

Ok, so it’s “California Cold”.

Today’s high will only be 63, no that isn’t cold, it’s the nights.  The nights lately have been getting down to almost FREEZING.  Literally FREEZING.  The low tonight?  39 and tomorrow will be 37!  This is freaking California people!

It is so cold, I have broken out the footie pajamas.



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A Food Network Thanksgiving

Food Network’s 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Live Broadcast. Food Network All-Stars Alton Brown, Giada Delaurentiis, Bobby Flay, and for the first time Ina Garten are on-call for Thanksgiving live! Viewer Questions Answered and Advice offered in Real-Time During Live, Two-Hour Interactive Event on Saturday, November 23rd from 12-2pm ET.


During the live show, viewers can submit questions via Facebook (, Twitter (, handle @FoodNetwork, hashtag #ThanksgivingLive and Skype. 




Culinary experts and co-hosts of the upcoming daytime series The Kitchen @ Food Network Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Jeff Mauro and Marcela Valladolid log-in to hang out with Alton, Bobby, Giada and Ina post-Thanksgiving Live!, continuing to dish out holiday food advice in an exclusive Thanksgiving leftover-themed Google+ Hangout on  Saturday, November 23rd at 2pm ET. Participants can join the event and interact with the cast at


In advance of the Google+ Hangout, participants can submit questions via Facebook (, Twitter (, handle @FoodNetwork, hashtag #ThanksgivingLive and Google+.


My only question is – WHERE”S REE!?!?!

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Mele Kalikimaka – Christmas in Hawaii

Hawaii just wasn’t in the cards for me this year, but my friend Ag is going for two weeks at the beginning of December.  Maybe she can head over and enjoy this for me!

Celebrate 40 years of Christmas folk art by the late Auntie Josie Chansky by visiting Festival of Lights and enjoying a huge variety of Christmas decorations including a Christmas tree made from 7,500 green toothpicks and wreaths created with egg cartons by Auntie Josie. Newer additions created by the local community include Kauai-style themed trees: SPAM, Hula Bear, Kilauea Lighthouse, Peacock and the nationally-recognized Aloha Recycled Treasures made from plastic water bottles. New this year is the “If Can, Can” tree, which will feature recycled aluminum can ornaments, each highlighting the can’s produced colors and artwork.

More than 5,000 people are expected to attend this year’s Opening Night on December 6 at the Historic County Building. The Festival begins at 6:00 p.m. with caroling by the Kauai Chorale. Next, Santa arrives and leads a spectacular Lighting Countdown of the hundreds of thousands of lights that will illuminate the Historic Park. The doors then officially open for viewing of the interior of the Historic County Building and its illuminated Christmas decorations. Not only will visitors see the spectacular decorations, they will also hear the beautiful voices of the Kauai Chorale. This is followed by the Lights on Rice Parade at 6:30 p.m., a unique showcase of island lighted floats. Festival of Lights runs through December 24. Visitors can enjoy the Christmas decorations within the Historic County Building between 6:00-8:00 p.m. every Friday-Sunday. Families can also visit Santa and Mrs. Claus. Docents will be present to provide background on the collection.

It all started more than 50 years ago by “Auntie” Josie Chansky, a folk artist born and raised on Kauai. It is because of her art and contribution to the people of the islands that Festival of Lights was created. For nearly 40 years, first on Oahu and then 18 years on Kauai, Auntie Josie opened her home to neighbors, strangers, tourists – everyone and anyone. People just started showing up on her lawn and then at her door. They wanted to see all the Christmas folk art decorations that she created and displayed on the outside and inside of her home. Auntie Josie’s home became known as “The Christmas House.” Generations of families began making “The Christmas House” part of their holiday traditions.

Auntie Josie’s husband passed away in 1996. Out of grief and the sad realization that she did not have the strength to put up all the decorations herself, Auntie Josie held a garage sale. Luckily, the loss of the “The Christmas House” to the community was recognized and her entire collection was saved by community member Elizabeth Freeman and donated to the County of Kauai. The first Festival of Lights was held in 1996, providing a public venue to display the decorations, and continues to be run by Freeman with funding by the County of Kauai, Office of Economic Development, Hawaii Tourism Authority, individuals and private businesses.

In 2006, Auntie Josie was honored by both the Senate and the Office of the Mayor for her 50 years of contribution to Hawaii’s holiday season. The Hawaii House of Representatives had also recognized her work in 1975. In 2006, Auntie Josie was honored with Proclamations by both Senator Hooser of the Hawaii State Legislature and Former Kauai Mayor Baptiste for her 50 years of contribution to Hawai‘i’s holiday season. A week before Auntie Josie’s passing on February 3, 2009, Kauai Mayor Carvalho also issued a Proclamation to Auntie Josie.


17th Annual Festival of Lights

Historic County Building

4396 Rice Street, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii 96766

Opening Night: Friday, December 6, 2013

Last Night: December 24, 2013

Hours: Friday-Sunday, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Price: Free

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Not So Wordless Wednesday – Family

Adam has left again and I can’t even begin to express how much I miss him.

Last Saturday I got to spend the entire day just Caitlyn and I, we went to the movies, shopping at the Grove, picked out her birthday party decorations and just had an all around great day.

It has taken a long hard road but I look forward to Friday evenings which have pretty much become mother daughter time for Marisa and I.

Madilyn was sitting on my lap at work last week, she pointed to all the papers on my desk and asked what they were for.  When I replied that I was supposed to be working, she came right back with “But you are busy hugging me”.

Matthew has such a great sense of humor and perfect timing.  My friend Sylvia was watching the twins one evening and Madilyn was complaining of a pain in her thumb.  When Sylvia asked what they should do about it aMatthew replied without hesitation “Let’s just cut it off”.

This is my family.  I wouldn’t trade them for the world.



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Why Wait With Walmart

Black Friday-Like Prices on Popular Toys and Electronics Available Starting Nov. 22

2013-black-friday-circularHoliday shoppers don’t have to wait until Black Friday to start shopping for deals at Walmart. At 8 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 22, Walmart will kick off a pre-Black Friday savings event in stores and online, lowering the prices on popular toys and electronics, to match select Black Friday offers from Target, Toys R’ Us and Best Buy one week early.

Beginning today, the retailer also extends its Christmas Ad Match* to customers. Customers who purchase an item on, and find a lower price in a local brick and mortar competitor, can email [email protected]and receive the difference on a gift card. The same policy is in place for customers at Walmart stores for items purchased Nov. 1 through Dec. 24, excluding Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

“Black Friday is our Super Bowl and we plan to win,” said Duncan Mac Naughton, chief merchandising and marketing officer, Walmart U.S. “With six fewer days from Thanksgiving to Christmas, the retail environment is more competitive than ever. Every opportunity to get a great deal – whether this weekend, on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday weekend – matters for our customers. When it comes to price, we’re going to deliver for them.”




Examples of toys and electronics that are part of Walmart’s pre-Black Friday saving event, while supplies last, include:


  • LeapPad 2 – WAS: $79, NEW PRICE: $39.99
  • Little Tikes Cozy Coupe – WAS: $49.87, NEW PRICE: $34.99
  • Nerf Rebelle Crossbow – WAS: $19.88, NEW PRICE: $11.99
  • Monopoly Board Game – WAS: $7.77, NEW PRICE: $5
  • Hot Wheels Single Car – WAS: .97 cents, NEW PRICE: .60 cents


  • LG 50-inch HDTV – WAS: $598, NEW PRICE: $448
  • Skylanders and Infinity Starter Packs – WAS: $74.96, NEW PRICE: $37
  • Select PS4 and Xbox One Video Games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, NBA 2K14 and Battlefield 4 – WAS: $59.96, NEW PRICE: $49

On Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and any of their shopping trips, customers can take advantage of the everyday ad matchpolicy* available at Walmart stores. If a customer spots a lower price on an advertised item, and comes into a Walmart store during the same day and time that the competitor’s ad is valid, Walmart will match the price at the register.

Walmart’s official Black Friday events will take place at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day and 8 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 29. The retailer will offer 21 one-hour guarantee items, “Manager Specials” and more hot deals than ever on the season’s top gifts. Starting early on Thanksgiving morning, customers can shop on for some of the Black Friday deals that will also be available in stores. Customers can also take advantage of hundreds of online specials on Thanksgiving and Black Friday while supplies last.


Mac Naughton added, “Customers will ultimately decide when they want to shop. We have great options and great deals for them whenever, or however, they choose to shop Walmart.”


*Editor’s Note:
Christmas Ad Match applies to in-store prices only and excludes Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday ads.

Walmart stores will match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical product.  Restrictions apply. 1 Hour Guarantee items not available for ad match.

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