No It’s Not

He and I were driving to Vegas for our daughter’s wedding. We left Monday morning in the beautiful 2013 Ford Flex that was on loan from Ford Motor Company to me specifically for this trip and headed out the 210 and up the 15. Over the next few days I will chronicle some of the more entertaining conversations he and I had during that road trip.

Him: What’s the big mountain we go over on the way.

Me: The Cajon?

Him: No, we did that one already before we got to Barstow. There’s another one.

Me: Halloran?

Him: No I’ve never heard of that one.

Me: It’s the one we are on right now.

Him: No that’s not it. There is a really big one between Baker and State Line.

Me: Yeah, Halloran, we’re going up it right now.

Him: No it’s not.

Me: Yes it is.

We do this back and forth for another few miles

Me: Look, the sign says “Altitude 4300 feet”. We are at the Halloran summit and once we turn this curve we should see State Line in the distance.

Him: They must have changed the name.

Me: Can’t you ever just admit I am right?

Him: Nope

He never noticed we were climbing to such a high altitude because we have never been able to do it without driving in the slow as molasses truck lane. We have always had to turn off the air conditioning and move as far right as possible. With the 2013 Ford Flex we drove at (or above) speed limit the entire time with the AC blasting me as much as possible.

2013 Ford Flex

Source: Ford Photo Library

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I Think We Need to Stop

He and I were driving to Vegas for our daughter’s wedding. We left Monday morning in the beautiful 2013 Ford Flex that was on loan from Ford Motor Company to me specifically for this trip and headed out the 210 and up the 15. Over the next few days I will chronicle some of the more entertaining conversations he and I had during that road trip.

Him: I think we may need to pull over.

Me: Why?

Him: I may need a restroom sooner rather than later.

Me: But we just stopped a half hour ago. Are you okay?

Him: I don’t know, my bottom feels…..funny.

Me: ::giggling:: strange how?

Him: Either cold or wet, I can’t figure out which.

Me: ::laughing loudly:: I turned on the seat air conditioning without telling you.

Him: Good lord

Probably my favorite feature on the 2013 Ford Flex. The air conditioned seats were truly a life saver, not my life per se, but those around me. I am prone to hot flashes at any given moment and driving in and around the desert does not help that “I’m going to spontaneously combust at any given moment” feeling. But having the A/C in the seats certainly gave me relief when it was needed.

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But Your Hands Didn’t Move

He and I were driving to Vegas for our daughter’s wedding. We left Monday morning in the beautiful 2013 Ford Flex that was on loan from Ford Motor Company to me specifically for this trip and headed out the 210 and up the 15. Over the next few days I will chronicle some of the more entertaining conversations he and I had during that road trip.

Just past Baker we notice some drops on the windshield.

Him: Is it raining?

Me: No of course not, we are in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

Him: There is water on the windshield.

Me: Someone else probably just sprayed their windshield wiper fluid in front of us.


Him: Told you it was raining.

Me: Whoa and the wipers just came on all by themselves.

Him: How could they do that? Your hands didn’t even move off the steering wheel.

Freaked us both out! When the car was delivered two days before, I never thought to figure out where the wipers were located. I live in Southern California and was driving through the desert to Las Vegas. Rain was no where in my mind. Thankfully, the Flex read my mind and turned on the wipers when needed and adjusted their speed as needed and turned them off as well. Only downside was it didn’t work on the rear wiper and I only figured out where that control was the day before they took the Flex away.

I really miss that car.

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Vote for Me and I Will Kiss Your Baby

I have never entered any kind of blogging popularity contest before, but something compelled me this time.

If you can spare a moment to vote for me I would greatly appreciate it.



Next weekend I will be receiving a 2013 Ford Flex to drive for 10 days.  We will take it to Las Vegas for the wedding.  One of the main parts I am interested in “testing” is the inflatable seat belts in the back seats.  I hope I am never able to actually test their inflatbility (which only occurs in an accident) but I do want to try them on kids and adults and see how their comfort compares to a plain old fashioned seat belt.

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D23 Presents: Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives

More than 500 items from Disney history, from Walt’s birth through Marvel’s The Avengers, are part of the largest exhibit ever created by the Walt Disney Archives when D23 Presents: Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives opens today at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.  The 12,000 square foot exhibit is the largest the Reagan Library has ever offered.

Some of the items include:

The Model T from the Absent Minded Professor

The actual 9 ½ foot tall, incredibly detailed head of the Maleficent dragon from Disneyland’s Fantasmic! nighttime spectacular.

A Complete re-creation of Walt Disney’s office from the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA.

Original Audio-Animatronics figures from The Haunted Mansion, The Country Bear Jamboree and Pirates of the Caribbean rides.



I got a chance to chat with Becky Cline, the Director of the Walt Disney Archives:


The Ronald Reagan Library is located in Simi Valley just off the 118 freeway.  It is open to the public daily 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Days).  Museum admission is $21.00 for adults, $18.00 for seniors over 62, $9.00 for children 11-17 and $6.00 for children 3-10, children 2 and under are free.

Because of the high volume of visitors expected for this exhibit it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase tickets ahead of time online.

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Whenever I drive this car that is exactly what I feel like I can do – Escape.  I could go on and tell you about the comfortable ride, the roomy interior the impressive gas mileage blah blah blah.

What I want to show you is the cool new hatchback that has a sensor under the tailgate.  As long as you have the key fob in range all you have to do is swing a foot under the tailgate and the hatchback will open and/or close!  So when your arms ar full of groceries and kids and what not you won’t have any issues!


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Ford Taurus SHO

Photo Credit: Ford

I had the luxury of driving the 2013 Ford Taurus SHO last week and I must say it has certainly come a long way.

I used to think of the Taurus as being a small step up from the Tempo but boy was I wrong.  Driving this car I felt like I was driving an LTD from days gone by.  Smooth, gliding, comfort.  I may have overstepped my bounds at the event when I compared the ride to a Cadillac LOL.  What can I say, I am a Detroit girl who likes her American luxury cars.

Technically the Taurus SHO is not classified as a “luxury” car, it is a Sports Sedan, and it does have that sleek sports car look, but definitely the smooth ride of a luxury vehicle.

The comfort inside was immense.  We all know I am of large stature and I had no problem entering or exiting the vehicle.  My knees were comfortable while driving and the seat offered plenty of room for my posterior.

The seats were comfy and I was impressed with the look of the interior.  A few months ago I attended an event regarding the sustainability of Ford vehicles and the Taurus SHO was one that was highlighted.

Slide Courtesy of Carol Kordich, Ford


I am continually being impressed with the advancements Ford is making in all areas of the automotive industry.

On the fun side, I saw a button that didn’t have any identifiers on it, so of course I pushed it, I didn’t notice anything in particular happening.  A few moments later I looked through the rear view mirror and noticed there was now a screen covering the rear window.  Where did that come from?  The button of course.  I pulled over and took a video for you.


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Focus on Gas

Photo Credit because I am too stupid to take a picture for the whole 7 days the car was here.

I just spent the last week driving a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium in the most beautiful deep blue I have ever seen.  I could tell you about the Sync with blue tooth and voice activated GPS or I could complain about the tiny little cup holders but I will save all of that for another post.  The purpose of borrowing this car from Ford was to focus on the gas savings (get it focus…….).

I still got only 3.5 trips to and from Anaheim but this time I did it with a smaller tank.  The tank on the focus is 12 gallons (compared to the 15 of my Honda Accord) and according to the odometer screen I averaged 26.9 miles per gallon while I had the car.  To me that is an amazing difference.  The “sticker” claims that the car will get 27 in the city and 37 on the highway.  Unfortunately for those of us in the Los Angeles area our highways move like most city streets.  there is more stop and go on the 5 freeway than there is on a residential thoroughfare.

The only caveat I would include is that the commute this week seemed fairly easy.  None of the trips kept me in the car for more than an hour and a half one way (I have been known to take over 2 hours some times).  So that could have played a part on the mileage difference albeit a teensy tinsy part.

  • Comparing Cars (
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Comparing Cars

Old Gas Pump

Image via Wikipedia

I often work shows at the Anaheim Convention Center which according to Google Maps is exactly 36.4 miles and should take 45 minutes (straight down the 5 freeway).  Round trip equates to 72.8 miles and 90 minutes.  In actuality it can take me anywhere from 40 minutes to as much as 2 hours one way, either coming or going.

72.8 miles in my 2001 Honda Accord uses almost 3 gallons of gas as is, add in the excessive idle time and we are looking at more like 4.  I have a 15 gallon tank on the Honda so I get 3.5 round trips to Anaheim per tank.  I tried stretching it that last trip back home one night, but couldn’t risk it as traffic came to a stand still once again halfway home.  With gas prices the way they are right now, I am paying $4.35 per gallon on average, which means I am paying $17 a day to go to work.  Considering I make approximately $12 an hour (each show varies but $12 is the average), I work an hour and a half each day just to pay for my gas.

My next show in Anaheim is this week and a 2012 Ford Focus has been delivered to my house so I can compare the commute with my 2001 Honda Accord (and other cars as time goes on).

I will let you know the results next week!


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