Not So Wordless Wednesday – Family/Love

Today is my dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad.

Dad 1940


Not So Wordless Wednesday – Those Proud Moments



I suck

I do.  I am so busy.  I was supposed to do a few giveaways for you here, a new Doc McStuffins DVD and a new Mike The Knight DVD over a month ago.  And yet, they never happened.

My job is overwhelming.  Not in a bad way, but still.  I’m not only working 9-5 but in the evenings I am doing the social media for the rink and even going back to the rink somenights for paperwork for new employees or uprising issues that need to be dealt with.

On top of that I am still working the trade shows.  This week is the coin show, which I love working, but still.  It takes a lot of effort to get ready to take 3 days off from the rink, make sure I have everything prepared and done and gear myself up for everything that will be waiting for me when I get back.  Not to mention the evenings I will go to the rink after working the coin show for what are sure to be uprising issues that need to be dealt with.

Did I mention the other job I picked up a couple of weeks ago?  Also sorta through the trade shows, but from home on my own time.  I committed to working a 60 hour two week period from home to help the registration team of E3.  This is probably the biggest trade show we work each year and I am honored they asked for my help.  Plus I need all the extra funds I can get since there is an Alaskan Cruise in my near future.  (Un)fortunately, the job only took me 31 hours to complete instead of 60, so I am a little more relaxed (but that also means less dollars, so there is a little more stress).

But with all of this going on this blog has suffered.  And as a result you have suffered.  Sorry about that.

How about some good news?


I have missed this face so stinking much it is unbelievable.  But now he is here and I hug him every chance I get.

My baby is as tall as me!

My baby is as tall as me!


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Prelude to Work

English: Flag of Reno, Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am sitting in a hotel in reno, lamenting the fact tht I forgot my allergy medicine, and settling myself in to my clean air room to get some work done.

Heads up.  There will be press releases in your near future.  I have over 75 emails to go through that date back over a month.  I won’t innundate you with all of them, but some I feel are important (obviously not important enough to take care of a month a go blergh) and should be shared with you.

Why am I in Reno you ask?  The National Roller Skating Association Convention.  I shit you not.  Every single year, rink owners and operators from all over the country gaather and this year, DOminic asked me and Chris to join him.

So far we have attended a Life Member recognition dinner and today there is a National Museum Board Meeting (yes there is an entire museum dedicated to roller skating in Lincoln, NE. and Dominic is a big part of it) at 3 that I don’t have to go to.  But the rest of the week will be busy with educational conferences and the trade show.  It is nice to be on the other side of the trade show counter again.

So settle yourself in and relax, and enjoy the press releases in the week ahead, or don’t and scroll right past them.  I won’t be offended.

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Lilly Diabetes

lilyDiabetes runs rampant in my family, Type 1 and 2.  Both sides of my parents and on Taj’s side as well.  there is no escaping it, there is only learning how to prevent, control and live with it.

Announced earlier this month on the Disney Interactive Blog, Disney Interactive and Lilly Diabetes launched a new online destination dedicated to families affected by type 1 diabetes on Disney’s family lifestyle site, at Leveraging Lilly’s expert knowledge about diabetes and Disney Interactive’s trusted portfolio of parenting tools and community, the site serves as a unique and powerful resource for parents and caregivers raising children with type 1 diabetes.


Through a mix of articles, videos and advice, site contributors (which include dietitians, psychologists, nurses and everyday families) cover a variety of topics all designed to help families manage type 1 diabetes in everyday situations, such as:

  • Routines for families that manage type 1 diabetes while still letting kids be kids
  • Important info on how to pack for vacations, sleepovers and other outings
  • Talking tips about type 1 diabetes to share with friends, teachers and coaches


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Free Advertising Comes at a Small Price

This week has been a whirlwind. 2 days at Disneyland a day at the beach and now we are hanging out st Legoland.

I check in as often as possible on four square at each attraction inside each park. I face book pictures and tweet out funny anecdotes.

But when my phone battery dies (as it is wont to do in Disneyland quickly because the 3G is horrible), I have no choice but to stop.

Disney has “charging lockers” but they are gone quickly and it means you have to lock up your phone in a locker, leave it and come back to it later. I would rather carry a dead phone.

At Legoland I am sitting on the floor in a corner of the Imagination Zone tethered to the only outlet. At least today I have my own charger.

What an innovation in supporting technology there could be if these parks had charging stations throughout. Or simple electrical outlets easily accessible?

Every time I check in, tweet or post a picture to face book, it is free advertising for them.

Wouldn’t a charging station be a small price to pay?

It’s a Petstravangaza!

DSC_2514America’s Family Pet Expo Returns to SoCal this April.  Showcasing thousands of pets, products and the people who love them, animal demonstrations, interactive pet shows and competitions

The 24th annual America’s Family Pet Expo returns April 19-21, 2013 to the OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa.

With more than 1,000 animals on display – from fish, rabbits, cats, dogs, miniature horses to exotic lizards –  show guests can get up close to all creatures great and small in a variety of interactive exhibits, educational shows and displays, as well as shop the latest in pet trends and products. Entertainment, adoptions and fun for the whole family, the 2013 America’s Family Pet Expo will offer:

  • Disney’s “Super Buddies” to celebrate the all-new film coming to Blu-ray combo pack on August 27th attendees will get the chance to take their photo with Captain Megasis, an adorable four-legged super hero who stars alongside everyone’s favorite talking puppies
    • Additional pet celebrities attending the Expo include: Mick who plays “Stan” on Dog With A Blog;
      Beatrice who plays “Stella” on Modern Family; Lambchop who plays “Yakult” on Suburgatory; Milo who plays “Baby” on How to Live with Your Parents; and Frosty who plays “Larry” on Modern Family.
    • Splash Dogs – Dock jumping dogs. Watch these canines jump into the pool!
    • The Amazing Dobermans. Trained by Neecha Braun – jumps, tricks and flips with a variety of dogs
    • Cat Program – Learn about the many breeds of cats and their unique personalities
    • Free flight bird show – Watch as these magnificent birds spread their wings and fly!
    • Reptile Show and Sale – Touch and hold snakes, lizards and tarantulas in hands-on demonstrations

General Admission, $13.00; seniors 60 and over, $11.00. Children 6-12, $8.00. 5 yrs and under, free. Active and retired military free with ID. Show hours:  Friday 10am-6pm; Saturday 10am-7pm; Sunday 10am-6pm. OC Fair and Event Center, 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa 92626. Parking is $5. Kindly leave all pets at home. For more information and to purchase tickets visit

The America’s Family Pet Expo is created, produced and managed by World Pet Association, Inc., a 60-year-old nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet care.

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Stereotypical Shopping

Everyone needs to take a step back when they think about stereotypes nowadays. Not all Muslims are terrorists not all African-Americans are on welfare and not all single mothers are sluts.
Clothing designers are in on the whole stereotyping.
I am a big girl I’m big in height, I’m big in width, I’m just big all around except where some expect me to be big.
When I go shopping for clothes and of course I go to the big girls store, it’s really hard to find long enough Pants, because they assume all fat people are short. Bathing suit season is a joke I have to buy a two-piece bathing suit because the one piece is never long enough for my torso.
Today I went bra shopping. needless to say it was a fiasco.
About a year ago I went and was fitted for a bra. I had never done that before and though it was quite an intimate experience it really was enlightening. I found out that I was wearing not only the wrong cup size but the Longstrap size I was wearing the shoulder straps incorrectly I was a hot mess.
After I was sized I realized I wear a 44B yes that B as in boy. You see bra designers assume that if you are a B cup you are a skinny person. And if you are a fat person well then your boobs must be humongous. So once again I fall into that non-stereo typical category.
Maybe I’ll just go bra less from now on, hell can’t be that bad right? Oh what the heck I’ll go pantsless too!

By the way this entire post was dictated on my new phone Man do I love this phone

Happy Birthday Mommy We Miss You

Northern European Cruise 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

Adrienne Birthday redeux