Keeping Your Family Organized

Staying Organized

This post was written by Kenny Pedersen at Organized Garage Solutions. He enjoys reading, playing all kinds of sports, and watching movies with his wife.

With eight kids in the house, my mother was not only struggling to keep the house organized but our schedules too. Every day, my mom would pick up all the clutter around the house when we all went to school. Within seconds of getting home from school, we all made the house a disaster again.


When trying to find time to keep the house clean and organizing your family’s schedules, it can be overwhelming and can create a lot of stress in your life. Growing up, my mom was able to do both of those things and still have time for the things she wanted to do. Whether you work or stay at home, you want to have that relaxing time for yourself. Here are a couple of ideas  to keep your family organized while staying stress-free.


Create A To-Do List

The first thing you should do when you have a lot on your plate is to make a to-do list every day. This is a good idea because you will never forget about something you need to get done that day. Having a to-do list or checklist will ensure that you not only keep track of your day-to-day activities, but it was also ensure that you stay proactive.


Keep The House Clean

When you have a crazy schedule and a dirty, unorganized house, it can be very difficult to get anything done. That is why when growing up my mom would always have all of my brothers and sisters do chores. This gave us all responsibilities and taught us to work hard. Not all families can do this if you only have toddlers or babies in the house. If that is you, make time in the morning to pick up the clutter and vacuum the floor. Just doing those few things will make your home feel clean and organized.


Make a Schedule

After you have created your checklist and cleaned your house, make a schedule for the week. Plan out everything you are doing for that week even down to taking your kids to soccer practice. Making a good, detailed schedule is essential for keeping your family organized.


Have Time For Yourself

Anyone with a busy schedule knows how important having time for yourself is. Relax and do something you really enjoy doing. Kids and work can be overwhelming and stressful. If you never make time for what you really want to do, you will be sacrificing things like your health and well-being.


I really hope these few steps can help you become more organized and stress-free. I have used all of these steps while going to college full time and having multiple jobs, so I know that they will help you!



The Fun Side of Back to School

I cannot believe summer’s end is just days away!

Back to School shopping doesn’t have to only be about books and supplies. Bath & Body Works has some fun stylish essentials your kids will love, all under $15!

Bath & Body Works Scentportables ($4.50-$15.00 at

Fun for all ages, these fragrance-filled Scentportables can be hung or clipped anywhere you choose to add your favorite scent. From your locker or cubby to the inside of your gym bag, these Scentportables will add style and fragrance instantly!  Pretty much they are an air freshener for your stinky kid.  Have you been anywhere near a middle or high school locker lately?  PEE YEW!

Celeb fans of the brand: Laura Marano, Adrienne Bailon, Courtney Mazza and Ashley Benson

  22037570 22012766


Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial PocketBacs and Holders (Pocketbacs: $1.7; Holders: $1.00-$5.00) at

These pocket-sized on-the-go hand sanitizers are packed with powerful germ killers that leave hands fresh, clean and lightly scented so your little ones are protected all day long. Available in a wide assortment of amazing fragrances, these Pocketbacs can easily be stored in backpacks, lunch boxes, and in lockers. Plus, kids can easily clip them onto their backpacks with the Anti-Bacterial Pocketbac Holders that come in a variety of styles that they’ll love.  I used to hang hand sanitizers on my kids backpack but they were never this cute!  I want the kitty one just for myself!


   22044929 22074929

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Why Doing Chores Around the House Can Help Your Child be a Better Writer

This is a guest post by Debbie Richardson. Debbie is the author of YA fiction. She has two novels published under her pen name D L Richardson. Her books “The Bird With The Broken Wing” and “Feedback” are widely available through online bookstores.

Nagging your child about doing chores around the house isn’t only good for the cleanliness of a home it can also lead to improved writing skills.

Writing takes discipline.

It’s okay at the start of a novel to dump everything onto the page, sort of like a child throwing stuff around the room with the promise of sorting it out later, but after the first draft a writer has to follow the guidelines of grammar, use appropriate tone and language, stick to the correct word length. Editing is very similar to tidying up a room; everything has to be in its proper place, everything has to be neat and tidy, there can be no loose threads to be unraveled, no unmade bed, all the clothes have to be picked up and put away. Basically, when a writer edits their work they are sorting through the mess and tidying it up.

So once you grasp the art of self-discipline, how can you master it?

Saying “no” to doing the things you’d rather be doing isn’t easy. For me, saying “no” can mean getting up early and typing up a quick blog piece instead of sleeping in, or skipping a TV show to write a chapter of a novel, or even (gasp) saying no to the party invitation to edit my book or update my website. The weird thing about saying “no” is that it seems to be easy for us to say “no” to our family members, but not so easy when it comes to our friends.

So why do we have trouble saying “no” to our friends?

Saying “no” to friends usually stems from the fear of being told you have lost or are in danger of losing your spot in a particular social circle. Sometimes you’ve worked very hard to claim that spot. So it can be difficult to force yourself to be comfortable doing the opposite of what you want to do. However, a writer needs to be comfortable saying “no” to outside influences.

Deadlines don’t wait.

I once attended a seminar where a national TV newsreader/presenter (I think you’d call her an anchorwoman) told the audience of her journey of a dream of being on TV to achieving that dream. Her advice for anyone who wanted to achieve their dreams was “accept that there will always be parties”. She’s right. I can never run into any of my friends without the inevitable social invitation popping out of one of our mouths.

There will always be a social event happening when you’re ready to join in.

I no longer fear being kicked out of my social circle, and I think this is because self-confidence and self-discipline are closely related. And all because as a child I kept my room neat and tidy.


This weekend I will be attending Prom, not really.  But I will be attending an event with Macy’s at the Costa Mesa store showing all the latest Prom fashions and trends.

Special guest and online fashion guru Mr. Kate will be on site to host the event and style the models as well as lend fashion tips to the audience.

It has been 28 years since I went to prom and quite a few since my kids did, but it is still fun to see what kids nowadays are wearing.  Boy that makes me sound old!

here is the info if you would like to attend

Saturday, April 27th at 2pm
Macy’s South Coast Plaza
3333  Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Follow along on Twitter! @Macys @MrKateDotCom #MacysProm13 #SCPlaza @Adriennevh



I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with compensation for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.  Duh

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Organizing for Good

De Clutter for a Cause_Page_1

Courtesy of O, The Oprah Magazine

Clutter: we all live with it, and most of us would love to get rid of it, if only we had a little nudge in the right direction This year, the editors at O, The Oprah Magazine in tandem with organizing genius Peter Walsh, challenge America to get rid of excess things for good, permanently purge unwanted possessions, and pass it along to someone who needs it.  “Not everyone can afford to write a check to charity,” says Walsh, “but everyone has clutter.”


Do you want to transform your life and that of others, just by offloading your excess?  “When you purge unnecessary possessions and open up your space, you feel more energized, focused, and motivated,” explains Walsh.  “Every time I help someone de-clutter, they say, ‘This has transformed my life.”


And what if you transformed the lives of others in the process?


A couple of years ago, Walsh received an incredible e-mail from Jane Hofmann, 49, of Ashburn, Virginia.  To help a local boy who was beaten outside of a convenience store and struggling to pay his medical bills, Hofmann spoke to a friend, who spoke to a few other friends, and soon they’d organized a massive yard sale of their town’s clutter, from clothing to toys to exercise equipment, furniture, and appliances—all to raise money for Ryan’s treatment.


Walsh got involved when Hofmann, who had seen his show, Enough Already! (now called Extreme Clutter), on OWN, e-mailed him to request a signed copy of one of his books for a raffle prize. After hearing about Hofmann’s project, Walsh was so inspired that instead, he flew to Virginia to help. “It was like a well-organized military campaign,” he recalls. “They’d thought of everything.” Strapping young men from the local high school were moving boxes, community members were selling baked goods, and a “boutique” area showcased higher-priced designer items. Hundreds of shoppers ultimately helped raise $30,000 for the Diviney family. (Last fall the women reprised the event, raising another $22,000.)


How to enter: Drawing inspiration from Hoffman’s story, readers submit innovative event ideas by March 18 to one ambitious and inspiring local declutter-athon will be chosen by the editors of O to be featured in a future issue of the magazine—with Walsh personally ensuring its success.


“You know, I never thought I would say this,” says Walsh, “but sometimes, a little clutter can be a good thing.”


For more on this story and other tips on how to “get rid of it for good,” pick up the March issue of O,The Oprah Magazine on newsstands now.

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So I just discovered this dictation on my new iPhone that I got this week and if I can do a whole post by dictation this may revolutionize my blogging I may actually do more

Happy Birthday to ME!

Adrienne Birthday redeux

Resolved to Organize

A small slice of my 43 folders I use for GTD t...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A big resolution many people make each year is to finally organize their home office.

Whether it is a table in the kitchen or an 8 by 10 room all of your own, here are some simple tips.

When you de-clutter the office layout, you ensure that there’s plenty of space to easily move between the office furniture. De-cluttering cleans up the space substantially so that you can easily walk your way to the file cabinet and the adjacent areas.

A desk which is too large or too small doesn’t give good feeling as it will not create a harmony of the office layout. Just imagine for a second, if your office table is too small, than it would create an emptiness of the space. Similarly, if your office table is too big, it wouldn’t leave comfortable walking space around, and the space will appear cluttered.

Regular office utility items such as printer, photocopier, fax machine, etc. should not be placed on your office table. Rather, a separate office space should be allocated for them, so that it is comfortable to use.

The best way to organize your drawer space is to go for labeling, wherein, you label all the project folders and then arrange them in a step file folder so they look smart lying on your desktop. Again, stacking trays are practical ideas for organizing stationery for a tidy office. It will create lot of space, and your office table top will look more than just amazing.

Now the big trick is keeping it looking amazing.  take a picture of your clean workspace and post it prominently so you can refer to it at the end of each workday and bring your space back to amazing each evening.


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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Do you have your costume?  Do you have your kid’s costume?


Caitlyn will be with her dad this year, so I have no control over that costume, sigh.  Madilyn is going to be Olivia (a cartoon pig) and Matthew, well, his mom bought him a shield and a breast plate to be a knight but that didn’t work out so well on our trip to Camp Spooky.

So now I am trolling the internet looking for a size 4 costume that he will like.  Not so easy.

Thankfully Children’s Place has some to choose from, so I will have him look at them later this week to see what he likes.

They also have some great (read inexpensive) Halloween shirts and pajamas to choose from.

I have not been compensated for this post, but if a size 4 boys costume were to show up on my doorstep I wouldn’t refuse it.

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O You!

O, The Oprah Magazine brings its “Live Your Best Life” mission to Los Angeles on Saturday, October 20with O You!, an interactive day of seminars and workshops with Oprah’s hand-picked experts that brings the pages of the magazine to life in an energizing, enlightening and inspiring event.  And I am going to be covering it for you!

Editor-at-large Gayle King will welcome 5,500+ attendees at the Los Angeles Convention Center, who will participate in seminars with a distinguished group of O’s trusted experts.  For the first time, mental health professional, daytime talk-show host and best-selling author Dr. Phil McGraw joins the O You! line-up with O, The Oprah Magazine contributors including financial expert and Emmy Award-winning television host Suze Orman, best-selling author and life coach Martha Beck; organizational management expert Peter Walshsex and relationship educator and therapist Dr. Laura Berman and O’s creative director Adam Glassman and beauty director Val Monroe.  Jenny Craigspokesperson Valerie Bertinelli will be making an appearance, as will Robin McGrawfor PoiseOprah herself will wrap up the day with a personal and highly inspirational talk.

  • Editor-at-large Gayle King will open the day with welcome remarks
  • Suze Orman and Dr. Phil will offer insights and advice
  • Guests select two (2) of the following sessions to attend:
  • Get Organized! with Peter Walsh
  • Love, Sex & Relationships with Dr. Laura Berman
  • Creating Your Right Life with Martha Beck
  • A special session with Oprah Winfrey, who will inspire attendees with a candid discussion of her own personal journey and next chapter.

Between seminars, attendees will spend time interacting through on-site experiences including:

Chase Blueprint presents “Blueprint for a Better You,” where attendees can take photos with their friends, experiment at a tech ‘bar and lounge’ and get great gifts to help them remember the day.

Clorox takes over the Convention Centers bathrooms and a presents a “Clean Up” station with stand-up comedy sessions, an interactive game and demonstrations.

IKEA’s Life Improvement Project will be showcased in four fully-furnished rooms: Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room and Kitchen.  In each room, attendees text a message for the chance to be entered to win the product featured.  O’s “Life Improvement Squad,” Susan Hyatt, Erin Gates, Amy Atlas and Kathy Hobbs, will be on-hand to answer questions and video booths will allow attendees to record their own life improvement stories and win IKEA gift cards.

Jenny Craig spokesperson Valerie Bertinelli will be making an appearance, sharing good-for-you snacks and the real skinny on losing weight with Jenny Craig. A proud national sponsor of the American Heart Association, Jenny will also offer tips on making your heart healthier.  Jenny Craig will also help attendees start the day “the Jenny Way” with breakfast sandwiches for attendees as they queue up to enter the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Oral-B® will have dental experts on hand to answer oral care questions. Visitors to the booth will have the chance to win an Oral-B Professional Precision™ 1000 power toothbrush.

Paul Mitchell hair care professionals will offer custom consultations, on-the spot hair styling and samples of their styling products.

Poise is proud to host Robin McGraw for two sessions on the event’s pop-up stage, as well as menopause expert Rebecca Hulem, who will moderate round table discussions and answer medical questions.

Sally Hansen will host celebrity manicurist Gloria Williams of, and offer free manicures and new product samples to attendees

Additional activities include book signings with O, The Oprah Magazine experts at the on-site Barnes & Noble bookstore; custom book creation at Blurb’s “Storytellers Stations” and Lug’s “Spin It To Win It” game, with prizes of Lug items that have been featured on the O List.

To learn more about O You! and get exclusive advice from O’s most trusted experts, please visit the official online hub For real-time updates, “like” O, The Oprah Magazine on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @O_Magazine.

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