Mabel’s Label’s

Recently I was given the opportunity to receive and review a selection of Mabel’s Labels for the grand kids.

For Caitlyn we received the Ultimate Back to School Combo which includes

  • 40 Skinny-Minis™
  • 50 Tag Mates™
  • 16 Shoe Labels
  • 2 Teeny Tags™

We put the Teeny Tags on her backpack and her lunch box.  The Skinny Minis on her flashcard sets and the Tag Mates on her pencil box contents.  We went a bit rogue and used the show labels on her pencil case and homework folder.  her shoes never come off her feet at school so it isn’t like they will be lost.  Everything else tho?  Each of those pieces have been lost at least once in the past 2 years.  Now we are covered!

For the Twins we received the Preschool Shoe Labels.  They are really cool, each “label” is half of a whole, a left half and a right half, so when you put the shoes together you can tell which goes on which foot.  They were being obstinate the other day and wouldn’t let me put them on their shoes, so we put them on their lunchboxes instead.

All of Mabels are laundry and dishwasher safe.  You can put them on and through anything!

I don’t want to say “I can’t wait for Caity to lose something”, just so we can have it returned because someone saw the label.  But I kinda like the feeling that if she does, it has a better chance of getting returned.

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Burke Williams Spa Evening

I was invited to a VIP reception at the Burke Williams Spa in Torrance. I am neither a VIP nor do I live in or near Torrance, but of course that didn’t stop me from attending and from dragging my friend Sylvia along with me.

Burke Williams SpaWe arrived in plenty of time to sign in and receive our goody bag. Inside the spa area was a small display of appetizers and desserts and some mini spa treatments. Sylvia and I both enjoyed a paraffin dip and hand massage and stuck our faces inside a spaceship looking thing to see if how hydrated our skin was. Both of us passed the hydration test with flying colors. I had only a small piece of dry on my forehead, but it was the evening of the same day I had been out whale watching and had gotten a little sun that morning.

Afterwards we each opted for a 20 minute back massage (we could have chosen a facial) and headed off to our separate rooms. My masseuse told me that this massage was only going to be “a tease” and instructed me to disrobe and lie on the table. I did as I was told and vegged out for the next 20 minutes. When it was over I let her know that her “tease” left me wanting a cigarette.

This was my first experience with a Burke Williams Spa, but it certainly won’t be my last.

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Fair Days Ahead!

Los Angeles County Fair

Los Angeles County Fair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Los Angeles County Fair is just around the corner! I can hardly wait. I’m thinking I may not be up to the 8 hour marathon visit of days gone by but perhaps an evening with the kids and grands would be just perfect.

The Fair has always tried to make it affordable for all to attend, here is a list of all the available discounts:

  1. Season Pass good any day of the Fair for ages 6 and older for just $24.99 at any participating Walgreen’s includes a free weekday parking upgrade ($5 value).
  2. Come to any participating Ralph’s grocery store beginning Aug. 20 to purchase admission tickets for just $10 for adults, ages 13+ and $6 for ages 6-12.
  3. The Costco Fair Savings Pack is just $54.99 includes 4 Fair admission tickets, *44 ride & game tickets and 1 parking pass. Available Aug. 1 – Sept. 30
  4. Enjoy a Day At The Races with a group of 10 or more, it’s just $37 a person for a fun-filled day that includes free Fair admission, lunch buffet & group photo in the Winner’s Circle.
  5. Fair admission is just $5 after 5 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays. Get the coupon on our website.
  6. Guests receive free Fair admission in exchange for five canned products on Food Drive Fridays. Free admission good that day only , noon- 6 p.m. only.
  7. With Give Back Thursdays you can get one free admission noon-6 p.m. with a donation of Thursday’s featured donation, good that day only.  Check our website for details on each Thursday.
  8.   Blood donors receive a free Fair ticket good any day.
    Aug. 15 – Huntington Hospital, Sheraton Fairplex Hotel
    Aug. 16 – American Red Cross, Sheraton Fairplex Hotel
    Aug. 21 – City of Hope, Sheraton Fairplex Hotel
    Sept. 6-7 – Huntington Hospital Bloodmobile at the Fair
    Sept. 10 – American Red Cross, Sheraton Fairplex Hotel
    Sept. 15 – City of Hope Bloodmobile at the Fair
    Sept. 21 – American Red Cross Bloodmobile at the Fair
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10 Steps to Cleaner Clothes from Frigidaire

Photo courtesy of Jordyn Giannamore
  1. Immediately rinse or blot away spills on your clothes with cool water to prevent stains from setting.
  2. Read fabric care labels before you wash. Your clothes will last longer if you know how to treat them.
  3. Sort laundry by color, wash cycle needed, and water temperature required. The Frigidaire Affinity’s Permanent Press cycle washes with warm water and less agitation, resulting in less wear and tear on your sturdy jeans, khakis, and sweaters; the Delicates cycle uses cold water and light agitation to gently clean swimsuits, workout clothes, and lingerie.
  4. Before washing stained garments, pretreat or prewash the spot using the Affinity’s Rinse & Spin cycle. If at first you don’t succeed, wash, wash again.
  5. To keep snags and lint to a minimum, zip zippers, button buttons, empty pockets, and brush away lint before tossing duds in the hamper.
  6. If your clothing is heavily soiled, your load large, or the water cold, add extra laundry detergent. Use the Affinity’s Heavy Duty cycle for sturdy but really dirty items like jeans and towels; choose the Sanitize setting to use the hottest water available to get rid of germs and grime as thoroughly as possible.
  7. Check wet garments for remaining stains, and re-treat as needed before drying. Heat will set stains.
  8. Dry only full loads. Tumbling a handful of garments prolongs the drying time by reducing the tumbling.
  9. Fold shirts and T-shirts to prevent wrinkling. If the shirt has buttons, button it at top, middle and bottom. Lay facedown. Fold both sides of the shirt so they meet in the back, with the sleeves aligned with the side folds. Fold the tail up to the cuffs, making a straight line at the bottom. Then fold in thirds crosswise. For T-shirts: a child’s T-shirt needs only one crosswise fold in half; an adult’s should be folded into thirds.
  10. Fold shorts and pants by aligning the inseams and outer seams of the legs and fold so that a crease forms at the front center of the legs. Fold in half or in thirds, depending on the size of the garment.

Don’t forget about the Frigidaire sweepstakes happening on their face book page right now!  You can visit and show them your favorite memory in the dirt for a chance to win tickets to the Hollywood premiere of the movie with Jennifer Garner and a new Frigidaire Affinity® Front Load Washer and Dryer NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER TO WIN. Sweepstakes ends 9/23/12. Click  here for full rules. featuring Ready Steam™, ensuring whiter whites and improved stain removal. For every entry, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children’s US programs. Frigidaire will donate $1 for each day you share your adventures in clean, between 7/8/12 and 9/23/12 with a minimum of $35,000 and a maximum of $40,000.

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Adventures in Clean

I recently had the pleasure of attending a screening of the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green, thanks to Disney and Frigidaire.

We started our day in Griffith Park with children all around having great summer fun and getting really dirty.  Unfortunately my grands weren’t available to come with me, so I was more of an observer.

After an introduction by Jennifer Garner (Star of the movie), everyone split up and the kids participated in fun activities.

There was a laundry folding relay.

Photo courtesy of Jordyn Giannamore

A water balloon toss.

Photo courtesy of Jordyn Giannamore

And even a tug of war.

Photo courtesy of Jordyn Giannamore

Some kids got Ms. Garner to help them dirty up their shirts so we could see how clean they got in the Frigidaire washer and dryers.

Photo courtesy of Frigidaire

Afterwards we were treated to a green carpet screening event of The Odd Life of Timothy Green at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Photo courtesy of Frigidaire

More on the movie in another post.

Frigidaire is holding a sweepstakes right now, you can visit and show them your favorite memory in the dirt for a chance to win tickets to the Hollywood premiere of the movie with Jennifer Garner and a new Frigidaire Affinity® Front Load Washer and Dryer NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER TO WIN. Sweepstakes ends 9/23/12. Click  here for full rules. featuring Ready Steam™, ensuring whiter whites and improved stain removal. For every entry, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children’s US programs. Frigidaire will donate $1 for each day you share your adventures in clean, between 7/8/12 and 9/23/12 with a minimum of $35,000 and a maximum of $40,000.

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Vote for Me and I Will Kiss Your Baby

I have never entered any kind of blogging popularity contest before, but something compelled me this time.

If you can spare a moment to vote for me I would greatly appreciate it.



This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Leviton for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Renu<sup/>® > Brands > Solutions from Leviton Web SiteI do most of my reading at night in bed.  But I don’t like bright or direct light (yes I know it is bad for my eyes, blah blah blah).  I use a dimmer switch to make a low light that won’t bother anyone else in the room (HA!).

I am thinking to redo my bedroom (yes, I know that involves cleaning it first. again blah blah blah) and I would like to update the switches and outlet plates.  Most of which have not been changed since before we moved in.  I was checking out Leviton on Facebook and seeing their new Renu products.





Leviton Image.pngThe Renu® collection includes:

-Combination switches
-wall plates
-Tamper Resistant Outlets
-Tamper Resistant GFCI Outlets
-QuickPort Connectors


Checking it all out, I think even I could do it by my self (of course I can’t do the cleaning by myself tho, whatever!), everything is easy to switch and come in 20 different paint colors that I can choose from.  I like the blue my room is now, but am thinking of going more of a green for the update.

Maybe I will get more ideas during the Leviton Twitter parties coming up.

Wednesday, April 18th 9pm EST
Thursday, April 26th 9pm EST
Wednesday, May 2nd 9pm EST

Follow @Leviton and #Renu for the twitter events and participate and maybe one of us will win a Home Depot gift card!

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Yes, I Recycle in the Bathroom

When I come home from anywhere I grab the mail from the box and as it has been since schooldays I head straight to the bathroom. Somehow my bladder knows the minute I walk in the front door of my house.

As I “do my business” I go through the mail. Separating it into piles for the various people who live here and opening my own. I realized that I could save a step afterwards by putting another trash can in the bathroom and putting the unwanted junk mail and envelopes right into a recycle bin then and there.

Of course not everyone that uses your bathroom will realize the reason for two cans so you may want to label them.

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Four Fast and Easy Earring Making Ideas

I am so not crafty in the least, but I have always had an interest in other’s abilities to make their own jewelry.  In this economy when you just can’t afford to go out and buy some new pieces my friends at Beads Barn have written this compensated guest post to help you make your own.


Making earrings is one of the best ways to teach yourself new bead weaving stitches and how to incorporate different jewelry making techniques into your projects. Earring projects are normally small and are not as intimidating as making necklaces or taking on other beading projects that require a lot of time and patience.

Earring making is a great way to get a little bit of beading work in during the monotonous holiday season. Not only do beaded earrings make great personal gifts for yourself, but they can also be given away as last minute gifts to friends and coworkers.

The good thing about making earrings is even if you do not have a beading pattern handy to go off of, there are a lot of ways that you can simply pick up your beads and start creating some elegant designs. There are some people that find using special beading patterns to be difficult. These four ideas will help you make the task of creating earrings for yourself or others easy and fun.

1. Create a brick stitch diamond earring. Creating a brick stitch diamond earring is pretty basic. Earring making does not get any easier than this. All you need to do is stitch up a simple brick stitch diamond design by incorporating some of your favorite beads into the design. You have the choice of incorporating some funky fringe along the bottom section of the earrings, or leaving the fringe off for a classic bead style earring.

2- Make beaded beads earrings. Beaded beads earrings are easy to create. Making these types of earrings literally takes minutes out of your day. Simply stitch up a piece of peyote than zip it up, and your creation is complete. You can add a little bit of fringe or some fancy edging and hang a seed bead loop to the bottom section of your creation.

3. Create beaded fringe earrings. Contrary to popular belief, beaded fringe is not just for creating breathtaking beaded necklaces or amulet style bags. Making earrings using beaded fringe is a fast and easy way to give your earring creations the “wow” factor that you desire.

4. Practice creating beaded bezel earrings. Beaded bezel earrings are elegant and refined. Plus you can stitch a beaded bezel around almost anything that you have lying around your home. Scrabble tiles, typewriter keys, bottle caps, and crystal stones all make incredible earrings.

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Easy to Make Chip Clip

My daughter found this picture on Face Book and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Photo Credit Shut The Front Door

This is a great re use of a simple item that you would normally throw away.  The uses are endless, chip clip, binder clip, hair clip (in a pinch).