It isn’t easy being Green – Not a Wordless Wednesday

Today I am lazy so I’m letting my best blogging friend Desiree Eaglin of The Funny Mom Blog post a Wordless Wednesday picture on my behalf. I trust her completely and this should be mighty awesome.

Hello everyone! It’s Desiree Eaglin of The Funny Mom Blog here. Last week I attended Disney’s The Muppets Most Wanted Press Junket in Beverly Hills. It was a really cool experience and I felt so cool being a part of it. I have a thing for little green men (and I have a thing for Ricky Gervais’s teeth too) so I wanted to share this picture with you in honor of our “Emerald” Wordless Wednesday theme this week.

As Kermit the Frog always says: “It isn’t easy being green”

Muppets Most Wanted Adriennes House



  1. That is awesome!!

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