A Giveaway from the Givers

Rafflecopter is the cool new giveaway entry system I have been using and I love it.  I find that I don’t like entering other giveaways if they are not using it.

And now they are giving back to everyone!

They are giving YOU a chance to win an Apple iPad2 and/or a Kindle Fire!  And if you win by entering on my widget I WIN TOO!

What can it hurt to enter?

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Jen at 11th Heaven’s Homemaking Haven, 365 Days of TV-Free Toddler Time, and Mega-Family Blogs is giving away a flippin’ waffle maker…

To enter, go HERE!!

Canadian Kitchen

hdr_big_daddyThis is one for my Candian Readers.  Finally a contest ONLY for you.  Not just any contest either mind you, a BIG contest, where you can win an amazing kitchen makeover.

The new Maple Leaf Market has quite an experience waiting for you on their website.  You can meet the Butcher, the Baker and the Pasta Maker, and get easy-to-make meal ideas, all at the click of your mouse. You can also find useful tips, recipes, coupons, contests and more!

In fact you can find this contest there right now.  They are giving away a $32,000 Dream Kitchen* and 12 Frigidaire® fridges to celebrate the launch of their delectable new site!

Can you imagine what you would do with $32,000 to remodel your kitchen?  Let’s step over to my fantasy house and see what I could do to build a kitchen.  There would be marble counters (better for rolling out dough), an island with a separate sink, a multitude of cupboards and I can’t even begin to go on and on about the appliances!

It is very simple to enter.  See that link up there?  Click on it and just enter your email.  You can enter everyday until December 15, 2009.  What are you waiting for Canada?  Get to clicking!

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