Be Back to School Cool with Macy’s and Radio Disney


It’s an afternoon of fun with Radio Disney! Meet and get autographs from celebrity guests! Plus find out how to enter for the chance to win* a trip for 4 to L.A. to visit the Radio Disney Studios and experience a “take over” with a Radio Disney star!

Be sure to check out all of our must-have looks for boys and girls, and with any $35 Kids purchase, receive Macy’s exclusive school lunch bag!** For more information on this and other events, visit


Dates and Locations:

Houston, TX – Macy’s The Woodlands

Saturday, September 14th – time 2pm


Los Angeles, CA – Macy’s Brea Mall

Saturday, September 21st – time 2pm


New York, NY – Macy’s Herald Square

Saturday, September 21st – time 1pm

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The Little Gym Launches “Big Hearts Little Shoes” Shoe Donation Campaign!

The Little Gym, the experiential learning and child physical development center for ages 4 months through 12 years, is launching a new initiative to collect used or outgrown shoes. The program, called “Big Hearts, Little Shoes,” benefits Soles4Souls, the international charity that collects shoes and distributes them to people in need around the globe.
“Big Hearts, Little Shoes” at The Little Gym is the first dedicated campaign for Soles4Souls focused on collecting children’s shoes. The program provides an interactive way for children to learn the value of charity and for parents and children to participate in a cause together.
At The Little Gym, each class begins with children removing their shoes before entering the gym floor. Beginning this fall with the 2012-2013 Season of classes, children and parents can donate shoes they have outgrown or no longer need in special Soles4Souls drop boxes located in the lobbies of The Little Gym locations. The shoes will be shipped to Soles4Souls, which is committed to collecting and distributing shoes to people living in extreme poverty and recovering from natural disasters.
Children at The Little Gym donate shoes to help mark the kickoff of the experiential learning and child physical development center’s “Big Hearts Little Shoes” campaign with Soles4Soles, July 25, in New York.
“Helping parents celebrate their children’s milestones is one of the most heartwarming parts of our day,” said Bob Bingham, President and CEO of The Little Gym International. “Whether it’s sharing their first steps, or their first somersault or cartwheel, families experience special moments together as part of their children’s development at The Little Gym. The ‘Big Hearts, Little Shoes’ program provides a unique opportunity for children to make a positive impact. It’s also a natural fit with the ‘Citizen Kid’ component of our core curriculum that focuses on life skills that help children grow into well-rounded citizens of the world.”

 One hundred percent of all shoes donated to Soles4Souls are sustainable: More than 99% are used to help those in need, and the remaining that cannot be used are directed to a waste-to-energy facility where they are used to produce environmentally clean and renewable energy.

“Soles4Souls’ mission of helping people has always attracted little helping hands in the past, but The Little Gym is taking it to the next level,” said Kevin Goughary, CEO of Soles4Souls. “With the ‘Big Hearts Little Shoes’ program, we hope to rally a new group of ‘mini’ donors that will have a ‘mega’ impact on the world. It really is about kids helping kids and we’re thrilled to be a part.”

‘Like’ The Little Gym on Facebook:

Follow The Little Gym on Twitter: @TheLittleGym


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Flash Mob in LA!

This post is written by Edwin Duterte and is  a copy of the invite to a Flash Mob that will be happening in Los Angeles on March 22, 2012.  This event is sponsored by Pink Slip Mixers and Hire America.  If you are in the area and would like to attend, please go to the Eventbrite page and sign up or just show up!
Inspired by a group in New York, I am organizing an event to celebrate the fact that the economy is growing.  This event’s goal is to encourage companies to hire America.  We are going to do this simply by showing off how professional we are and how passionate we are willing to work.

My hope is to empower the unemployed and underemployed by raising awareness that the economy is growing and stay positive.  In doing so, local companies will see there are great talent waiting to improve their companies’ profits.
The initiative will focus on three major groups:
  1. Military Personnel who are entering the private workforce
  2. Traditional Unemployed Professionals, many who are long-term
  3. Entry Level and newly graduating workforce.
We will be recommending solutions and “calls to action” to the community that will make our POSITIVE & Non-Political event effective.
Our recommendations are:
  1. Military Personnel are highly skilled, especially in technology.  However, the civilian community does not fully understand that the skills our military professionals have learned are more transferable than perceived. Our “Call To Action” is for companies to take a stronger look at our Servicemembers and offer them jobs.
  2. Many of the 14 million unemployed have re-purposed and developed more skills that are current in the marketplace.  These workers have high experience and strong skills that were enhanced by further education and training over the last 4 years.  Employers should recognize these new skills combined with their previous experience and rehire these professionals.  Our “Call To Action” is for companies to retool their workforce for the better by hiring these enhanced workers.
  3. Many of the other 14 million unemployed should understand the employers plight because the market is still tender.  Hiring is a must for almost all of the companies to grow, but the high costs to hire such employment taxes, benefits and etc, make hiring almost as difficult as growing the revenue line.  Our “Call To Action” is for job seekers to approach companies and “Apply on a Project Basis”, usually as an independent contractor.
  4. Entry level professionals are entering the most difficult job market on record.  Our “Call To Action” for the new workers is to be more entrepreneurial and offer to also work on a “project basis” level so they can build their experience.
  5. Greater communication between the Hiring Community and the Job Seeker Community.  Our “Call To Action” is to have “Townhall Meetings” to discuss where we as citizens can find solutions to work with one another and not rely on politics to decide where our future leads us.
How we will do this:
  • Meet on Wilshire Blvd on Thurs. March 22 starting at 9 am on Wilshire.  The entire event will last only 30 minutes.
  • Each block will represent one of the focus groups
  • Military professionals to meet on block between Veterans Avenue and Midvale Avenue
  • Traditional unemployed will meet on block between Midvale Avenue and Westwood Ave
  • New Entry Level and Students will meet on block between Westwood Ave and Glendon Avenue
  • We will need to create a strong FB, Twitter, G+ campaign to share the event.
  • The visuals
  • Every focus group will be given two sheets of paper
  • Pink Paper to represent Pink Slips and Unemployment
  • Depending on Focus Group:
  • Military will have Blue Sheet
  • Traditional Unemployed will have White Sheet
  • New Entry Workers will have Red Sheets
  • Throughout the event, everyone will hold up and wave both sheets
  • At a specified time, everyone will rip the pink sheets to represent that we are tired of the slow economy and ready to work

If you have any questions, go to or email for more details.
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UPS Store Winners

There were 5 winners this month and they were chosen by #’s 4, 6, 8, 9 and 16:

Gretchen January 28, 2011 at 4:52 pm [edit]

I would ship something to Glendale CA, can’t say what though it’s a surprise.

Dad of Divas
Twitter: dadofdivas
January 28, 2011 at 5:07 pm

I need to ship a few packages… one to Illinois, one to California and one to New York!

Mary Ann Linder January 28, 2011 at 5:43 pm [edit]

I will be shipping to Portland, OR

LeAnn V. January 28, 2011 at 6:40 pm [edit]

My father’s birthday is coming up on February 11th. I’ll be shipping his birthday gift out soon!

FB post:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=10150404770300273&id=100000439954146

Adam Blair January 30, 2011 at 7:29 pm [edit]

I would use the money to send a gift to my mom in NY.

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Magnolia Bakery

There are a few things in my TV and Movie viewing life that I am proud of and they include shows I have never seen.

I have never seen:

Any Star Wars Movie

Any Star Trek Movie or TV show (although I think I was in the room while Gordon was watching one)

Any Jurassic Park Movie

Any Sex in the City Movie or TV show.

Not that I went out of my way to avoid any of them, I just have no interest in them.

So, when I received an invite to Magnolia Bakery’s newest location, I just thought it was a normal bakery.

WRONG!  This is a bakery made famous by the Sex in the City show, that has a store not only in Los Angeles and New York but also one in Dubai!  I know!

I was however, a bit put off when I saw the theme of the evening was Pumpkin, Prosecco and Pie oh my!  None of which I will imbibe.  So I wrangled one of my friend to come with me as my “taster”.

I shouldn’t have worried, the bakery closed down for just us, and opened their shelves to our drooling mouths.

So much YUM all in one spot, by the time we left, we were both so full the valet’s had to crowbar us into the car.

Below are some pictures I took during the event.

Get the flash player here:

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Reality?  Fiction?  Boring?

Probably.  More than likely.  Definately.

The premise of the story is good, a young wife and her family move to NY from SF.  She is flabbergasted by the cultural differences.  There is a whole mean girls kind of vibe. 

However, there is also a sub story about her and her old art history (or some other boring subject) professor.  There were a handfull of pages that I skipped because they droned on and on about some of the art exhibits they went to see.

Sorry, but I would skip this one if I were you.  Wish I were you and had skipped it.

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BlogHer – Let it Be

What can I say about BlogHer that hasn’t already been said by others? 

My experience last year, was not the best, I was nervous and the epitome of an introvert.  I even attended a session on introverts and tried some of the tricks they talked about but to no avail.  It was by the grace of some lovely women that I had conversed with via Twitter beforehand that saved me the last night and allowed me to leave my shell.

This year I was determined to not let that happen.

Let’s do a compare and contrast;

Last year, I was hiding behind my laptop at all the meetings and sessions and keynotes.  This year the hotel internet sucked so bad that I couldn’t and I didn’t pressure myself into attending any of the keynotes or meetings other than the Community one.

Last year, I was anal about the fact that I was attending a conference and that I should attend every session I possibly could and get the most education out of it as it offered.  I even followed the live blogging of sessions I couldn’t attend while I was attending others.  This year, I was not as enthused about the subjects offered and didn’t stress whether I attended all the sessions or not.  The ones I attended were mainly for the speakers and not the content (Hi Ree!). 

Last year, I made my way around the small expo floor trying to see everything and get all the swag that was offered.  This year, I only stopped in the booths that interested me.  The downside to this year is that I could not network or communicate as best as I should since my voice was gone for the entire conference.

Last year, I was saddened that I had not been invted to or knew of any of the off site cocktail parties.  This year I was invited to many and knew of many more and yet chose to only attend a few.

Last year, I felt obligated to attend the BlogHer cocktail parties and hated the loud music and lack of anyone I knew well enough to hang out with or the ability to approach anyone I didn’t know.  This year, I didn’t attend any of the BlogHer cocktail parties and I was ok with that.

Last year, I bitched and moaned and cried that I wasn’t being accepted into the “cliques”.  This year, I flitted about in and out of different cliques and didn’t try to belong to any of them.  (Don’t let anyone try and fool you, BlogHer/Society is full of cliques.)

Last year, I held myself back and subconsciously didn’t allow myself to have a good time.  This year, I let myself go and be me instead of someone/thing I will never be.  Next year, I will allow myself to do and be even more.

See you in New York!


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